Joan Rivers: Hollywood's Biggest Rule Breaker


Joan Rivers always did it her way, whether it was saying what no one else had the guts to say about stars on the red carpet, or breaking barriers as a woman in comedy. We're looking back at all the ways that Joan set herself apart.

Joan Rivers: A Life in Pictures

From dissing blonde beauty Bo Derek's intellect, to critiquing Heather Locklear's, ahem, trimming job, she didn't bite her tongue when it came to celebs. But Joan didn't shy away from turning her tongue on herself – she was one of the few stars to openly acknowledge (and laugh about) plastic surgery, while others were hiding their nips and tucks.

But it wasn't all jokes and jabs with Joan -- she was one of the first to embrace the gay community (even presiding over a gay wedding toward the end of her life), and she was the first star to find a home on QVC -- selling over a staggering $1 billion in products on the network over the course of 24 years.

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Watch the video to see all the ways that Joan broke the rules.