Channing Tatum Has Family Dance Parties

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Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan- Tatum first met on the set of dance movie Step Up in 2006. Fast forward eight years, and the couple is dancing with a little one.

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Channing and Jenna have a 1-year-old named Everly. In an interview with Us Weekly, Jenna says that Everly is "moving and shaking everywhere she goes."

With all of Everly's moving and shaking, her parents join in on the fun.

Jenna told Us Weekly, "We put on music and have dance parties. She's such a riot. She wears me out."

Jenna married Channing in 2009, and the actress also gushed about her husband saying, "he's a loving, loving, dad for sure."

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We can only imagine how cute those dance parties are!

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