Seth Rogen Blasts Ray Rice: He's a 'Piece of Garbage'

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Seth Rogen speaks out against NFL star Ray Rice.

Seth Rogen, 32, didn't hold back his feelings on controversial NFL star Ray Rice, 27, on Twitter Monday.

After video surfaced Monday on TMZ of the alleged moment Rice punched his then-fiancée (now wife) Janay Palmer in the face, knocking her to the floor of an elevator and rendering her unconscious, the This Is The End star blasted Rice on Twitter.

He also criticized the NFL for giving Rice a two-day suspension, which many see as a light punishment given the incident.

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The incident in question took place Feb. 15th at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. The video appears to show Rice hitting Palmer in the face, and after she lunges at him, he delivers a blow that knocks her unconscious. He then drags her out of the elevator.

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This isn't the first time Rogen has spoken out in defense of women on his Twitter.

In response to the recent iCloud hacking incident, Rogen criticized those sharing the nude photos of stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.

He later linked to a Forbes article with the title, "Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Leak Isn't A 'Scandal.' It's A Sex Crime."

Check out a much less serious Rogen getting interviewed by his Neighbors co-star Jerrod Carmichael in the video below!