Miley Cyrus Is Not Focused on 'Getting Any F**king Richer'


Miley Cyrus is more than just a pop artist now — she's a legit artist with a show and everything. In fact you may have see one of her works, or what she calls "werks," in progress on her Instagram.

Yes, that 5-foot bong sculpture will be on display at her "Dirty Hippie" art show starting on September 11 at V Offices' Gallery on Mercer Street in New York City.

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Speaking to V magazine (where she also just posed nude), Miley openly discussed her main inspiration: pot.

Outspoken about her marijuana use, Miley brings up smoking while creating the artwork. "I just sit around and smoke weed anyway, so I might as well sit around, smoke weed and do something. And this is me doing something. I love it. I mean, I’m up until seven in the morning doing this stuff all the time. It was much weirder when I started doing it while I was sober."

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But don't discount her singing career just yet. She isn't making art for money. She says, "There's no point in me focusing on getting any f**king richer. Obviously the s*it you buy doesn’t make you happier because I'm sitting here gluing a bunch of junk to stuff."

Her collaged sculptures will also be shown off in Moschino Designer Jeremy Scott's New York Fashion Week show tomorrow, and he gave Miley's art this very positive review:

"All of these stream of consciousness, colorful, playful, whimsical things mixed up together. I love that there's a DIY feel to the sculptures."

Miley is just doing what she loves.

Watch the video below to see more stars who have confessed to smoking controversial cannabis.