Britney Spears Opens Up About Single Life, Lingerie Line and New Music!


A newly single Britney Spears was all smiles when she sat down with ET’s Rocsi Diaz – Yes, even when we asked about dumping her ex David Lucado after his alleged cheating!

Brit wasn’t shy to open up to us about her not-so-private life.

“Really it’s a part of my life. My life is like an open book to the tabloids, so it’s hard to step away from it, but you just do, I’m all about work right now,” she says.

VIDEO- Britney Spears Puts Cheating Ex on Blast During Vegas Show

The pop princess is putting herself into her work by returning to her residency in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood Hotel after an eight-week hiatus, and she’s got “The Intimate Britney Spears” lingerie and sleepwear line.

“The past two years I've been taking my time out to get it read and prepared for women.  It’s really beautiful – Something I’m really proud of,” Brit told us as we checked out the new collection as it debuts at New York Fashion Week.

But the best part of the interview? She totally slipped and outted her friend and former Crossroads co-star Zoe Saldana!

“She’s pregnant with twins right now, so I’m sure she’s got a huge future ahead of her right now,” she gushes.

VIDEO- Britney Spears Reveals Zoe Saldana Is Expecting Twins

Whoops! Well, congrats Zoe.

But the thing all Britney fans really want to know… When are we getting new Britney music?

“I’m really taking the material in and I’m really analyzing what I want to do for this next project.  It’s going to be really special, really big -- and we’ll see," she adds.

She’s a busy gal! Are you guys excited for new music from Britney? Leave your thoughts below and check out the vid above for more from Britney.

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