Prince Harry's Motorcade Involved In High-Speed Crash

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Prince Harry got quite the scare on Thursday when his motorcade was involved in a head-on collision while en route to the Invictus Games.

Harry's driver feared a possible terrorist attack, the Telegraph UK reports, when one of the royal's police outriders collided with a white Toyota Prius. As one eyewitness put it, Harry's driver, who was carrying the prince in a Range Rover, took "evasive action," and, as the paper points out, "steered his vehicle through the damaged vehicles at speed before coming to a stop several hundred feet up the road."

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The British publication reports that the 29-year-old insisted they stop to check on those in the Prius -- firefighters cut the roof off the vehicle to get the driver out -- but his security team thought it best to keep driving. However, officers in Harry's motorcade did reportedly stop to check on those injured.

"The prince was obviously very concerned and wanted to make sure the men were okay. He is relieved to hear they are both in a stable condition," a spokesperson for Prince Harry told the Telegraph.

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Scotland Yard explained the accident further and gave updates on those injured, telling reporters, "The police motorcyclist was displaying warning lights, as it was providing security escort at the time. The male rider of the police motor vehicle suffered injuries. He has been taken to hospital for treatment. His condition at this early stage is described as stable. The male driver of the Prius also suffered injuries. He was taken to hospital for treatment. His condition at this early stage is also described as stable. The condition of the injured parties is not thought to be life threatening at this stage. Police officers remained at the scene and provided assistance."