Deadmau5 Enlists as an Uber Driver!


Picture this: you're stumbling home from a night out with your friends when you dispatch an Uber to get you home safely (because you're responsible like that). The trusty ride share app says that your driver Deadmau5 will be there in approximately 6 minutes in his McLaren 650s. No you're not thaaaat inebriated... it's the real deal!

The Canadian music producer is now an UberX driver and gave strangers the surprise of their lives Thursday night by chauffeuring them around town in his tricked out McLaren sports car.

Word got out of the DJ's new gig on Twitter with his star struck passengers tweeting their experience:

Uber X, Uber's lower-cost service, just launched in Canada this week prompting Deadmau5 to leave his mouse ears at home and enlist in the driving service.

Lucky for Toronto patrons it looks like it won't be the last time he taxies people around. Later that night, the DJ tweeted:

BRB moving to Canada.

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