Happy 30th Brithday, Prince Harry! 9 Reasons to Celebrate


Everyone’s favorite royal bachelor, aka Prince Harry, is turning 30 on Monday! In honor of the hunk’s special day, we’re counting down just a few reasons that have made him oh-so-lovable over the years. 

1. That smile, though.

2. His competitive nature.

3. The fact that he totally knows when a joke is inevitable.

4. Even when he’s mad, he’s cute.

NEWS: Prince Harry knows how to photobomb like a pro!

5. He used to be so cute, we just want to eat him up! 

6. Like, SUPER CUTE.

7. He’s fantastic with kids.

8. Those faces…

9. Step aside, Sporty Spice. Prince Harry has all the athletics covered.

You just keep doing you, Harry, because you’re really good at it.