A Timeline of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's Epic Friendship


It's a big week for besties Amy Poehler and Tina Fey! Amy is turning 43 -- and Tina is back on the big screen for This is Where I Leave You. We're celebrating with a look back at how their magnificent friendship began.

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In 1992 -- History was made! Comedy’s leading ladies met at an improv class in Chicago – and thus began the most glorious of friendships.

In 1997 -- Tina was hired by Saturday Night Live – Amy finally joined her bestie in 2001. The two became an unstoppable force as the first female co-anchors for 'Weekend Update.'

In 2004 -- Tina wrote the screenplay for her first feature film. Yes, we're talking about Mean Girls! Amy was there to support her BFF with a small role in the movie.

In 2008 -- They co-starred together in Baby Mama. Though the movie received mixed reviews, Tina and Amy still gave us some adorable on-screen chemistry.

In 2013 – Their friendship was taken to an epic level.  They hosted the Golden Globes together... and it was absolute perfection

In 2014 – They hosted again!

And YES! They’ll be back in 2015 – so we can all look forward to more moments like this…

And this…

We all need this kind of friendship in our lives – we love you, Tina and Amy!

And yes, there's even more to look forward to -- The two are pairing up once again to play sisters in The Nest out December 2015, yay!

Check out the video above to see the evolution of Tina and Amy's wonderful friendship.