Diane Keaton Has a Major Girl Crush on Amy Poehler

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We can't think of a better birthday present for Amy Poehler than Diane Keaton professing her love for the actress.

Keaton, 68, admitted to binge watching Parks and Recreation and upon doing so, developed quite the girl crush on Poehler, who turned 43 on Tuesday, Sept. 16.

The Annie Hall actress tweeted: "So I have something to say about a new discovery... I've fallen in love with Amy Poehler."

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She goes onto explain where her love for the funny girl began. "My 13-year-old son Duke and I have now seen three years of Parks and Rec episodes in four months. Last night we saw Amy get married," she writes. "That sealed the deal for me. My love for her is now eternal. Duke, however, is seriously engaged with many of @prattprattpratt 's (Chris Pratt) dilemmas."

But the compliments don't stop there! Keaton adds: "Amy Poehler can do anything. Not only is she drop dead funny, she's charming, sweet, warm and beautiful. Especially as a bride."

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Sad to be done with the series (for now), Keaton implores her followers: "I don't know what Duke and I will watch after we finish. Any recommendations?"

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