Welcome to Your New Favorite Instagram Account: DILFs of Disneyland


This is the reason we joined Instagram in the first place. Sorry, mom, friend who takes too many selfies, and random dog who does tricks, we really don’t care about your updates — we want to see the hot dads of Disney. We’re not talking about King Trident or Tarzan’s hot dad, either.

We’re talking DILFs of Disneyland, the happiest place on Instagram.

DILFS, for the uninitiated, are Dads I’d Like to Fu...you get it. Some are celebrity DILFs like Hilary Duff’s ex (above). Most are not:

Most are hot normal dads at Disneyland (and if you read the fine print, California Adventure):

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We’re absolutely against taking creepy pictures of strangers and posting them online to ridicule them. Those people are horrible and there is a special circle of hell from them.

But if they’re hot? And you just want to share their hotness with the world?

Maybe we’re a little bit hypocritical:

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