7 Times Joe Manganiello Thrilled Us All By Taking His Shirt Off


It’s no secret Joe Manganiello is hot! Between his rugged manliness and his buff bod, he makes women everywhere swooning. Not to mention he’s dating Sofia Vergara, so clearly he’s a winner.

Just when we thought the hunky Magic Mike star couldn't get any hotter, he went and shared a Twitpic Tuesday showing how he is getting back into shape for his part in Magic Mike XXL.

While he sadly doesn't have his shirt off in this pic, there have been plenty of times when he has. So we’re rounding up 7 times when Joe thrilled us all by taking his shirt off.

1. Wait we're at the beach right now? Sorry, we couldn't see past Joe taking his shirt off.

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2. When we drooled over his 8-pack.

3. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

4. Hey angry walk, you’re looking really good today.

5. He needs his beauty sleep too!

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6. It’s raining Joe … Hallelujah

7. It’s not even fair how hot he is.