You Need to See What Connie Britton's Hair Looked Like in the '80s

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It’s a scientific fact that Connie Britton has the best hair of any human ever. It is the result of witchcraft (maybe). It will be what brings about World Peace (probably). And it’s the reason Nashville was ever created (so we could see what Connie Britton’s hair looks like paired with different sequined outfits).

But it wasn’t always that way.

WARNING: The photo you are about to see may be traumatizing.

This is the Connie Britton you know now. Please note the hair:

And this is Connie Britton in the 1980s, with her then-roommate, now-Senator Kristen Gillibrand. The two studied abroad in Beijing together and this photo appears in Gillibrand’s memoir, Off the Sidelines.

Connie now:

Connie then:





If Connie Britton’s hair can go from this to the perfection that it is now, any of us can do anything. Be bold. Be fearless. Inspire.

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Connie and Senator Gillibrand both appeared on HuffPo Live and talked about each other. Connie called Kristen “a real leader” and “a powerhouse” and said she was “so intensely proud of her.”

Meanwhile Kristen told this story about Connie:

“We got home, we were all so sick. We were just throwing up nonstop, terrible food poisoning. My most vibrant memory is being taken to the hospital on the back of a bike, like, as you're heaving. Connie was sick, I was sick, and they gave us this vial of black liquid. It was toad venom, and they said, 'Drink this.' I'm like, 'Oh my God, am I gonna die?' So we all just looked at each other and drank it and decide, 'OK, maybe we get better?'”

Everyone: Toad venom may be the secret to perfect hair. It’s worth a shot.