Happy Birthday Jada! 43 May Be Her Best Year Yet!


Life is good for Jada Pinkett Smith on her 43rd birthday, and she told us what she was most looking forward to on her big day.

PIC: Ben McKenzie Rams Head Into Concrete While Filming Gotham

"I get to wake up next to Will [Smith]. What's a better birthday gift than that," Jada told ET's Kevin Frazier.

With 20-plus years in the business, Jada still has a few tricks up her sleeve. Her new Fox series Gotham debuts on Monday night, showing a different side of Jada.

Gotham is an origin story of the DC Comics super villains and vigilantes, focusing primarily on Commissioner Gordon's rise from rookie detective to Police Commissioner. The series also imagines what spawned the larger-than-life personas who would become Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face and The Joker.

While many similarities carried over from the comic books, Jada's role as mob boss, Fish Mooney, was created just for the series.

"Everybody's talking about [your character's] dark side, but not her sexy side," Kevin told Jada. "Fish is sexy too."

"Thank you," said Jada. "A lot of times when you see tough women [on screen] they take on a lot of masculine attributes and I wanted to see a woman in a dress, in heels getting it in."

The show suffered a slight scare when co-star Ben McKenzie was injured on set earlier this month. While Jada wasn't on set that day, she admitted that she was a little shaken up when she saw the damage later on. Fortunately, Ben was quickly patched up and able to return to work soon after.

Watch the video to see Jada's reaction to seeing a vintage video of her at a swimming lesson with baby Willow.