Lady Gaga: 'I'm More Sober Than I've Ever Been'

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Lady Gaga is happy, and she is explaining why. After splitting with her manager and under-selling ARTPOP album sales, the 28-year-old is looking on the positive side.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Lady Gaga talks about letting go of her manager, Troy Carter.

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Last year, the singer split with Carter and opened up about it. "Part of what was making my sort of artistic experience so unpleasant was that I felt that I was not able to truly freely fly as an artist," she said. "In some ways my talents were not being used to their full potential."

Now, she's saying that she is "very centered" and in a good place. She says,"I meditate a lot. I'm happy. I am more sober than I've ever been."

She also said that Tony Bennet has contributed to her happier state of mind. The duo worked together on a new album called Cheek to Cheek.

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Gaga is currently on an international tour that will end on November 24 in Paris.

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Watch Lady Gaga talk about being bankrupt in the video below.