Madonna's 8-Year-Old Son David Banda Is a Natural Dancer

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Madonna is a proud mother and is still using social media to share personal moments.

The Material Girl has a lot to be proud of. Like mother, like son, her 8-year-old David Banda is a talented dancer.

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On September 18, Madonna posted this Instagram video of her son as she cheers him on. She captioned the video "#banda getting ready to audition for his mom!"

Madonna is also mother to Lourdes, 17, Rocco, 14 and Mercy James, 8.

Despite the fact that she's raising four children, the singer is finding time to take on new ventures. She's releasing a provocative calender.

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She also shows that just because she's a 56-year-old mom doesn't mean she can't post photos like this one.

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Madonna is social media savvy with over two million Instagram followers, she has been using it to convey different messages and show personal parts of her life with hashtags like #sorrynotsorry and in the case of her son dancing, #livingforlove.

Check out the video below to see Madonna talk about her body image with ET Canada.