Clay Aiken Thinks Victims of Nude Photo Leak Deserve What They Get

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Clay Aiken didn't hold back when asked about the recent, gross invasion of privacy that's occurred to a slew of female stars.

The 35-year-old American Idol alum doesn't feel sorry for celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and Kaley Cuoco who have fallen victim to a nude photo hacking scandal. "Anybody who takes inappropriate pictures of themselves deserves exactly what they get," Aiken, who's running for Congress in North Carolina, told The Washington Post.

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That being said, he does support some old-fashioned disciplinary action for the culprits that leaked the pics. "Of course whoever [stole and released the photos] should be hogtied," he said. "And it’s unfortunate that we don’t have internet security right now or the laws in place to protect people from pirating that stuff."

Over the weekend, another crop of female celebrities fell victim to a nude photo-hacking scandal. Kim Kardashian, Meagan Good, Vanessa Hudgens and Gabrielle Union were reportedly among those to have photos leaked.

Aiken seems to have forgotten his own nude photo scandal. In 2010, his then rumored boyfriend Jeff Walters had his own crop of NSFW images leaked around the time the two were spotted together at the Winter Festival in Dallas, Texas.

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