14 People Who Already Broke Their iPhone 6


The first person to own an iPhone 6 proceeded to immediately drop it on live TV. We thought this was just a fluke, maybe we should have considered it a precedent.

Because the iPhone 6 has been out for only a few days and people already broke theirs (though, to be fair, 14 out of a record-breaking 10 million sold isn’t so bad). Usually we would want photographic proof, but we can't handle seeing that many beautiful, beautiful, broken iPhones.

(But for anyone who doesn’t have an upgrade available for another eight months, or my people who have been dealing with a broken iPhone 3 while people who have perfectly functional iPhone 5S buy that 6 Plus, or anyone who just hates hearing iPhones fans talk about their iPhones, this one is for you.)

1. The unluckiest person in the entire world:

2. Mack:

3. Erica:

4. This guy’s customer...bruh:

5. This mean girl’s brother:

6. This girl’s friend who probably doesn’t think it’s as #iFunny:

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7. This dude:

8. And this dude:

9. This guy who can’t even be left alone for 24 hours:

10. And this guy who we’re SMHing at, not with:

11. This kid whose family has really hard carpet:

12. This guy, who wants you to do as he says, not as he does:

13. This person, whose pain is bring many people pleasure:

14. And this person, WHO DID IT ON PURPOSE:

People, please: be good to yourself. And to your iPhone 6.

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