Is the 3-Breasted Woman Lying About Third Boob Surgery?


Is the three-breasted lady just a hoax to promote American Horror Story: Freak Show, or did Jasmine Tridevil actually get the tri-cleavage surgery that she says she did? According to doctors, it's all a lie.

The Daily Dot asked Dr. Matthew Schulman M.D., "a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City who has performed thousands of breast augmentation and reconstruction surgeries", what he thought of the Total Recall-inspired breasts.

“[I] believe 100% that this is a hoax that everyone is falling for,” he said. “I would be happy to go on record claiming that this is a falsified story and essentially not possible.”

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Dr. Schulman and other doctors interviewed by the website do admit that adding a third breast is "theoretically possible," but that it would "not give the results that are shown in [Tridevil's] photos."

"This technique would create a tight, round breast in the center of the chest,” he said. “Also, all three breasts will likely be connected because it would be impossible to create and maintain separation between all three round structures. The photos show a soft, pendulous breast that is clearly separate from the right and left breast. She essentially has a hanging breast, and it is just not reflective of what we would be able to expect from this reconstruction procedure."

is also reporting that Jasmine Tridevil is actually Alisha Hessler, a 21-year-old massage therapist in Tampa, Fla. The website her massage parlor, Alisha’s Golden Touch, calls her a "provider of internet hoaxes since 2014" and a "specialist in massage for three breasted women."

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Tridevil has responded to these claims that her third breast is a fake, saying on her Facebook, "Everyone keeps sending me this Snopes article. Why? Yes, they have my real name. Yes, the news story last December is true, and yes, I was arrested for using someone else's i.d. (attempting to get in a club). I was underage and wanted to get drunk lol."

She also told the Daily Dot, "My surgery was recorded and will be on my show."

Who do you believe?

While we mull over what's true and what isn't, here's what happens when plastic surgery goes horribly wrong: