Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy Go to Church in Paris-See the Stunning Pics!


In what may just be her most beautiful pictures yet, Beyonce is sharing her family moments in Paris while she and Jay Z were in town filming their On The Run HBO special.

Taking a break from their tour, the entire family visited famous landmarks including the gorgeous Notre Dame cathedral where the family was captured in a quiet moment of spirituality in these snaps that were shared on

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In this one, a touching moment is captured with Blue Ivy holding her parents' hands.

The light shines in on Beyonce and Blue Ivy here while Jay Z is solo and looking contemplative.

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While they got to enjoy some family time, the couple will be back to work. After their HBO On The Run documentary aired this past weekend, Jay Z and Beyonce are planning to collaborate on a new album.

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If you can't get enough of Beyonce's pictures, watch more about the power of Beyonce in the video below.