Apparently Sexy Criminals Are A Thing Now

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Mugshots are the new headshots!

You shouldn't need another reason not to commit crimes (crime is bad, don't do it!), but just in case, now you have one -- the standard for mugshots has RAISED in 2014!

First, Jeremy Meeks got into trouble with the law but won the Internet's collective heart with this sultry, symmetrical shot.

And now we've got two new entries to the criminally attractive club! This warrants an investigation.

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1. Angela Coates

This 22 year old glamour model was reportedly arrested in Georgia and charged with disorderly conduct. She actually is a former Jet Magazine Beauty of the Week.

Yeah. Jet Magazine seems pretty cool with it.

Oh, and some people on Twitter wanted to bail her out.

What we learned: Crime doesn't pay. But if you're hot, Twitter might.

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2. Stephanie Beaudoin

No mugshot here. But the STAKES ARE RAISED.

According to New York Daily News
, Stephanie is accused of burglarizing 42 homes in the Quebec area with three underage accomplices. Those are very serious charges, but all anyone can talk about are Stephanie's hot pictures that have surfaced.

A Facebook page has even popped up admiring the alleged "beautiful burglar."

Of course, for our taste, none of these sexy mugshots compare to Robert Burt's mugshot wearing a T-Shirt featuring a photo of his previous mugshot.

So don't do bad things, and don't get arrested. Especially on a bad hair day.