11 Reasons We're Shocked & Saddened by Amber & Wiz Splitting


All love is clearly dead.

Amber Rose has filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa after one year of marriage
, meaning we as a people are about to lose one of the last remaining examples of true love in the modern world (probably).

Celebrities split up every day, but Ambiz Kharosa was different! We really thought they were forever! Here is why this bombshell is hitting us way harder than a normal conscious uncoupling.

Photos: Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa Post Amazing Wedding Pics on Anniversary

1. That time she twerked for him.

You don't shake it like that unless it's for your perpetual soulmate with whom you have a deep, meaningful connection.

2. That time she shared her wedding pic.

In sickness, and in health, guys!!

3. When she tattooed his face on her arm.

The only thing harder to remove than our permanent state of disbelief.

4. This picture of Wiz and Amber Rose's father.

How are they supposed to hang out now?

News: Amber Rose Twerks in Celebration for Wiz Khalifa

5. No more dominating the red carpet.

What, are they just going to go to the VMA's with other people now?!

6. The first picture they ever took together.

She posted this on Valentine's Day and WE JUST CAN'T.

7. When the whole family sang the hokey pokey with Sebastian.

STOP! It's too perfect!!

8. When they kissed!

You said his lips are like pillows, Amber!!

9. When they looked totally and completely happy.

This is what we pictured true love would feel like! What do we picture now?!

10. When Amber said THIS.

We don't understand anything anymore. We are at a total and complete loss.

11. And finally, on Wiz's birthday when Amber said she'd love him forever.

TWO WEEKS AGO! TWO WEEKS! How are any of us supposed to believe in love ever again??

We just need a minute....

Watch this video below for more details on Wiz and Amber's sudden split.