Justin Bieber Injured Cliff Diving, Might Need Surgery


Justin Bieber continues to come out with new music, but now the singer might have a hard time hearing it.

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The Biebs, 20, tweeted on Wednesday that he injured his eardrum while cliff diving. According to the pop star, a doctor thinks the injury could require surgery.

Still, Bieber's not letting this setback slow him down too much.

"My eardrum might back us up a little, but I'm still bringing you this new music," he Tweeted. "Much love. Damn u, cliff diving!"

Good thing J.B. is back on with his lady love Selena Gomez who can help nurse him back to health, or at least ease the pain a little bit with her most recent selfie.

This bump in the road could turn out to be minimal compared to Bieber's legal woes as of late. Catch up on some of his run-ins with the law in the video below.