Gloria Estefan on Casting Actress to Play Her in Broadway Show


ET special correspondent Lance Bass met up with Gloria Estefan as she and husband Emilio cast their new Broadway musical Get On Your Feet based on their lives.

Gloria and Emilio have seen hundreds of people audition and looked at countless tapes of people vying to play them, and Gloria was honest about choosing the actress to play her.

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"I gotta be the worst person to pick that, because I'm so close to the subject matter," said Gloria.

The production opens in the fall of 2015, and includes much of the couple's ups and downs, including the 1990 tour bus crash that nearly killed Gloria.

"At that moment when we crashed there was a picture of us in the Miami Herald holding a crystal globe for $25 million in sales and the headline was 'Gloria and Emilio Have the World in Their Hands' and that's when we got rear-ended."

That horrific accident is a perfect example of why the show's title fits.

"The reason we chose 'On Your Feet' is because it's about how you keep getting up in life, no matter what happens," said Gloria.

Gloria and Emilio will continue looking at audition tapes until September 30. Go to to submit.