Kim Kardashian Tackled by Notorious Red Carpet Prankster Vitalii Seduik at Paris Fashion Week


Red carpet prankster Vitalii Seduik has struck again.

And this time his target was none other than Kim Kardashian.

Seduik is most notorious for striking Brad Pitt in the faceat the Maleficent Hollywood premiere in June and going under America Ferrera's dress at the How To Train Your Dragon 2 premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

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Kim, 33, was nearly knocked to the ground when Seduik reportedly lunged at her at a Paris Fashion Week event Thursday, before security quickly intervened. The scene was particularly alarming as several hundred people were present to get a glimpse at Kim and Kanye West getting out of their car, and it was predictably mayhem when Kim was jostled.

Seduik took this selfie outside of the car Kim and Kanye were riding in shortly before the incident, and posted it on his Instagram. You can clearly see Kris Jenner sitting in the passenger seat on the right side of the car.

"Kanye, you are one lucky man! Kim is Goddess!! #Balmain #PFW #KimKardashian #NoOffence #LOVE #KanyeWest #VitaliiSediuk #parisfashionweek #prankster #Paris @kimkardashian," he wrote.

Kim, Kanye and Kris were present to attend the Balmain spring/summer 2015 fashion show, where Kendall Jenner was walking the runway (nearly naked). After the incident, the couple attended the show as planned, though their facial expressions were understandably stony.

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Seduik's pranks in the U.S. may be coming to an end as he was recently placed on the no-fly list according to The Hollywood Reporter. The troublemaker -- who has also attempted to kiss Will Smith at the 2012 Men in Black 3 premiere and attempted to crash Adele's speech during the 2013 Grammys -- talked to ET last year about his bizarre pranks.

Watch the video below.