NFL Star Mark Herzlich's Fiancee Remembers His Heroic Cancer Battle


ET was at home with New York Giant's linebacker Mark Herzlich's fiancée Danielle Conti, who helped him during his cancer battle.

The college sweethearts' love story started out with adversity, as Mark was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma -- a rare bone cancer -- just before they began dating. The cancer, found in his leg, prevented from playing football for a time, but Danielle maintains that Mark held his head high throughout his battle.

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"I turned to him and asked him if he worried about dying," Danielle remembered. "He looked at me in the eye and he said, 'I'm not going to die I'm going to beat this and play football again."

And that he did. Not only did he return to the field, but he also helped his team win a Super Bowl in 2012.

Now, Mark is approaching a huge benchmark -- October 3 will mark five years cancer free.

"Hitting the five-year mark as a cancer survivor basically means that you go back into the risk of any other regular person, so it's a big deal," said Danielle. "I can't reiterate enough just how blessed the situation is that we're in now."

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Just because Mark's cancer is gone, doesn't mean all Danielle's worries are eliminated.

"I worry as much as any other NFL wife," said Danielle. "I worry because he's playing linebacker in the NFL."

Danielle is a first lieutenant in the National Guard and a personal trainer at His and Herz Fitness, where most of her clients are NFL wives.