No Thigh Gap Here! New Beyonce Bikini Pics Look Untouched


Beyonce's looking good in this white bikini but slightly different from her last self-posted swimsuit shots.

Queen Bey, 33, caught some heat for a recent set of bikini pics when it was thought that she may have photoshopped her legs to give herself a thigh gap. The photo has the "Drunk In Love" singer stepping down some stairs on a boat, so could it just be the angle? 

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The white bikini photos, however, have Beyonce's thighs (gasp!) touching! The shots even show some subtle blemishes, but we gotta say, Bey has never looked better!

Beyonce's boat bikini wasn't her only photoshop controversy. About six months ago, she posted a golf pic that looked so off to her followers that one Instagram user wrote: "Her thighs get thinner like magic. The photoshop is unnecessary."

Do you think Beyonce's white bikini pics are her best yet, or have these too been photoshopped?

Retouched photos or not, Beyonce is flawless! Check out the star power of Mrs. Carter, below: