Watch Will Ferrell Chant 'Derek Jeter' for 4 Long Minutes

Funny Or Die

Derek Jeter got a New York Yankees send-off fit for Hollywood, but Will Ferrell's farewell to the MLB pro could drive you mad.

Sporting Boston Red Sox garbs, the funnyman just yells "Derek Jeter" amid insults and passive aggressive compliments for four excruciating minutes in this Funny or Die clip.

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"You're a bum!" Ferrell yells in his best Boston accent. "I respect you Derek Jeter, but I don't like you!"

He concludes his rant by saying in a villainous tone, "Go to sleep Derek Jeter. Have a good night Derek Jeter. Good night Derek Jeter! We love you Derek Jeter. ...If I could get my hands on you, Derek Jeter, I would kiss you on the mouth, and I don't care who's watching. I don't care."

Check out Jeter's big Yankees send-off, below.