Woman Proposes to Her Girlfriend With an Entire Musical About Their Relationship


When Kriss Marr decided it was time to propose to her girlfriend, Lauren-Joy “L.J.” Goss, both 29, she knew flash mobs were so 2013. Instead, she wrote an entire musical about their relationship.

It showed how they met (via How He Asked — in this case, How She Asked):

“Lauren-Joy being 5’11 had set a strict height requirement of no woman under 5’8. A few weeks into her online dating venture, she took a risk and dropped the height requirement down to 5’6...and there was Kriss!”

And where they went on their first date, and all the romantic reasons they fell in love with each other. Kriss called it “The Proposal: The Musical.” Heads up: It’s funny and sweet and very cute. Watch now:

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“You are my partner, my best friend, and more than I could ever ask for,” Kriss says, as she gets down on one knee. "I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together, will you marry me?"

To which L.J. replies, “Absolutely!”

L.J. calls the proposal a “BLESSING” that “should certainly win a Tony Award.”

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