9 Things That Could Be Hiding Under Zendaya's Giant Pharrell Williams Hat

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It’s baaaaaaaack.

We though Pharrell Williams’ giant Arby’s-employee-fights-forest-fires hat had gone out of fashion, until a copy-cat hat appeared on the head of Dancing With the Stars runner-up and former Disney child star Zendaya at last night’s Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party.

What could she possibly be hiding underneath it? Because if she isn’t hiding something, why on earth else would she wear it?! We brainstormed a few suggestions for the former:

1. Pharrel’s Hat.

Zendaya’s does seem bigger.

2. Pharrell Wearing His Hat.

Why not? Her hat is THAT big.

3. The Dancing With the Stars Disco Ball Trophy.

Stolen from winner Kellie Pickler.

4. Kellie Pickler Herself.

Has anyone seen her lately?!

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5. A Slip of Paper With Her Last Name on It.

You know, so she doesn’t forget it. Now that she’s just Zendaya.

6. Nick Jonas’ Shirt.

Which would explain why he’s shirtless all the time.

7. A Female Superhero Movie.

We don’t know why else we wouldn’t have one by now.

8. The Money Teresa Giudice and Juicy Joe’s Stole From the Government.

Coming soon: Real Housewives of New Jersey State Prison.

9. Smaller and Smaller Hats, Like a Nesting Doll.

To infinity.

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