Jennifer Garner on Ben Affleck's Batman Bod: 'It Feels Like I'm Having an Affair'


With great power comes a great bod. That's the first rule of being a superhero.

And Ben Affleck has certainly beefed up for his part in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In fact, he's gotten so ripped that his wife Jennifer Garner doesn't even recognize him -- and she loves it!

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"You know, he has put on 30 pounds of muscle and he's 8 percent body fat," Jen told Kelly Ripa on Friday's Live With Kelly & Michael. "He looks pretty good. It’s a little bit like, 'Whoa, who are you?'. It feels like I'm having an affair. But I don't mind, I'm not complaining."

Ben also stopped by earlier the morning show earlier in the week, where he talked about having to bulk up in order to compete with today's larger-than-life superheroes of the Marvel universe.

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"I have been getting bigger," he told the hosts. "I have been working out a lot. These are not roles that you can do and not exercise for. Audiences have now increasing expectations. Like, in the '50s, you could just be like Burt Lancaster and tall. That was ok, but now you see guys like Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans and all these guys whose bodies are just, you think, 'How is that even possible?' Exercising is as much a part of the job as the rest of it."

Well, it's nice to know those muscles aren't just built in – like the nipples from the George Clooney-era Batsuit!


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As for Jen, she confirms she's seen the that Batman suit tons of times but would prefer that her husband leave it at work.

"It takes a team to get it off, I couldn't," she laughs. "I mean if we were in the heat of passion, I'd be like, 'Um, let me get a chainsaw. I don’t know how to get it off.'"

Jen's man is showing a lot more than muscles in his in Gone Girlas there's a full frontal scene, but let's flashback to 1997 when he has his first guy-on-guy kissing scene!

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