Ellen Pompeo Kept Her Surprise Baby a Secret for 2 Months


Ellen Pompeo kept her daughter's birth secret for two months, but last night she was finally ready to spill all the details on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. And we do mean all the details -- every single intricacy of the entire surrogacy process.

Ellen, 44, and husband Chris Ivery announced they welcomed their second daughter on Thursday, Sienna May Ivery, via surrogate. However, their baby girl was actually delivered two months ago.

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As for how she kept this secret for so long, Ellen said that she "felt an obligation to keep the surrogate's privacy."

Keeping secrets is old hat for Ellen, who was able to keep her marriage a secret for five days despite being married by the mayor of New York City.

As for the surrogacy process, Jimmy seemed to be a little cloudy on that.

"Did your husband visit her in a hotel room?" Jimmy joked.

"No," said Ellen. "Although she is gorgeous."

"Medically, Chris Ivery has to do what he has to do and provide what he has to provide," Ellen continued. "And then I had to provide something as well. They had to retrieve the egg and then they put it together in a dish -- the lab technicians. And then they make the embryo and then they insert the embryo in the woman who will carry the child."

The Grey's Anatomy star revealed that she was present for the insemination and even held the surrogate's hand as the embryo was placed inside of her.

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Watch the video below to see why you would never want to see Grey's actors in scrubs at a real hospital.