Katy Perry Celebrates Ole Miss Win In College Style


It all started yesterday when Katy Perry went on ESPN's GameDay and shared her college football picks. 

She was definitely not an Alabama fan as she threw football analyst Lee Corso's elephant mask to the ground. In spite of her hilarious antics on the show yesterday, it turns out that the pop star accurately predicted the game

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Look at the pride she has when she tweets about the Ole Miss Rebels after their 23-17 win yesterday.

She even goes as far posting this picture of herself in victory.

The fun was not over yet for Perry as she then cheers with the Ole Miss Rebelettes.

After cheering for the team, she parties like a college student as seen in this Vine with the caption, "Katy Perry killin' it."


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As for her crush on Trevor Knight, no word yet on the quarterback's response, but Twitter is full of comments like "screw the game, call Katy Perry" and "Trevor Knight is the biggest winner in college football."

Matthew McConaughey got in on the college football action too as he riled up the University of Texas football team. Watch what he does in the video below.