Amanda Bynes Claims She Really Is Engaged

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After allegedly talking to trees in New York City, Amanda Bynes is now talking to reporters.

The 28-year-old sparked engagement rumors after wearing some very noticeable bling on her finger. Bynes told In Touch Weekly yesterday that she has a 19-year-old boyfriend named Caleb and that they're engaged and will exchange vows at the London hotel in LA.

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The actress told the publication, "I am very needy for friendship and I hate men. I want to f--- them, but I can now say I’m engaged — get away from me. I want to be married and I want to be away from people."

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After spending 6 months in a rehabilitation center
and attending fashion design school, Bynes seemed to have her life back on track. However, things took a turn when the actress was recently arrested on DUI charges in California on Sept. 28. The authorities "determined she was under the influence of an unknown drug which impaired her driving."

Although her next court date is Oct. 23 in Los Angeles, she has been spotted in New York City riding a bicycle and, according to an In Touch source, "talking to trees" with a band-aid on her face.

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She even spoke to In Touch about biking saying that she wants to settle down with Caleb in New York because she "really [likes] walking and riding [her] bike, and in California, you need to drive." She further explains another reason she wants to give up driving, "I don't like the way I look in a car. The lighting is very bad."

Before Bynes was arrested, she was taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California, and she might even design her wedding dress because as she told In Touch, "I'm so particular about how I look that I cannot imagine not designing it."

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To see more on Amanda Byne's recent arrest, watch the video below.