Bruce Jenner's Appearance Provokes Questions, But Shouldn't Be a 'Punchline'

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As rumors continued to circulate about Bruce Jenner's changing appearance, ET sought reactions from Piers Morgan, the former CNN host who is now an editor-at-large at, and PR expert Howard Bragman.

The Olympic gold medalist inadvertently fueled more questions online over the weekend when he was spotted at an Elton John concert with long hair and earrings.

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"If a Kardashian breaks wind in a public place, it's public knowledge," said Morgan. "Let's be real -- they are a living, breathing, walking, talking reality show."

And just as any Kardashian is capable of inspiring cruel responses from all corners, comments about Jenner's appearance have often been harsh.

"I have no inside knowledge of what Bruce is going through, but it really was distressing to me that there was so little sympathy towards him and so much judgment," said PR expert Howard Bragman of, who worked with Chaz Bono during his gender transition. Bragman came to Bruce’s defense on Facebook, responding to the negative comments online.

PHOTO: Bruce Jenner Shows Off Long Locks at Elton John Concert

"It's no wonder that those with gender dysmorphia have psychological issues, disproportionate suicide rates and myriad societal issues," Bragman posted to Facebook. "It's not funny and it's not a punch line -- [this is] a human being trying to be true to their own self and we could all use a time out from snide remarks."

Kris Jenner, Bruce's wife of 23 years, filed for divorce from Bruce in September, almost a year after the couple first announced their separation.

When asked about Bruce's appearance in January, Kris Jenner told ET, "Ninety-nine percent of the stuff in the tabloids is made up."

Watch Kris Jenner talk life after separation from Bruce in the video below.