Aziz Ansari Reads The Embarrassing Text Messages He Sent to Blake Lively


Aziz Ansari struck out with Blake Lively .... and has the text messages to prove it.

Can't blame a guy for trying right?

Though Blake Lively is happily married to Ryan Reynolds and the photogenic couple are now expecting one gorgeous baby together, Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari admitted in an interview with Howard Stern Monday that he once attempted to awkwardly flirt with her through text messages when she was still single.

Calling the Gossip Girl star "beautiful," Aziz recalled meeting Blake at an event where the two exchanged telephone numbers.

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"I had heard that she was a fan, and I was at this event, and she's like waving at me, and I'm like, surely she's waving at some other person behind me," he recalled. "And she was waving at me, and I said hello, and we talked for a little while, and she was really nice, and she was really into food -- and I'm really into food -- and we started talking about that . ... We exchanged phone numbers, and I have, like, the text messages that I sent to her."

And luckily for us, he wasn't shy about sharing.

So the first message I sent was like, "'Hey, it's Aziz. The Animal dinners are over now unfortunately, but I will show you photos from when I went. It was very tasty. Are you going to the Met Ball?'"

Though he didn't get a response, he tried again after running into her at the Met Ball where she was with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld.

"This is at like 11 o'clock that night," he explained. "'Hey it's Aziz. Please tell Karl he needs to call me, it's been too long since we bro'd out.' ... Nothing, nothing again."

He hilariously gave it one last shot with a third text message later that night: "I'm going to the Boom Boom Room for that afterparty. Hopefully this is your number? Either way, good seeing you.' And that's just so sad, where you're like, hopefully this is your number, where you're like, questioning the technology," he laughed.

Though Blake eventually did respond!

"'Hey maybe I'll see you. So weird, Karl was just saying how bummed he was to miss you,'" Aziz read from his phone. "And so I texted her the next day: 'I feel so bad you had to fly to North Carolina after that party, it must've been rough. Karl and I partied at Boom Boom until 7 a.m. Got tacos the next day after and just had a beautiful spa day. Next time we are in the same city, let's eat delicious food.' And then there's nothing. That was like May 2011."

"And the last message I sent her -- and I don't know why I sent this -- is December 17, 2011, and I just write, 'Happy Holidays!' and then there's no response," he said, as him and Stern openly laughed at his rebuffed texts.

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… Though at least it's safe to say that Aziz isn't afraid to laugh at himself! Check out Saturday Night Live star Nasim Pedrad's hilarious impression of him in the video below.