Josh Duhamel Shows Off His Adorable Son Flipping Off the Paparazzi


Josh Duhamel's one-year-old son with wife Fergie, Axl Jack, is already showing some spunk!

In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing today, Duhamel spilled on his adorable son's "defiant" personality, which includes giving the paparazzi the finger.

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The Transformers star, 41, shared this hilarious photo of Axl dressed in a blue and white sailor outfit, explaining, "He just turned one! He's like, 'I love the paparazzi!'"

Duhamel also revealed that prior to giving birth to Axl, his wife Fergie had actually never held a baby before.

... Yes, you read that right.

"I had two younger sisters, so I had a lot of practice growing up," he said about changing diapers. "She had never held a baby before having our little guy. ... I don't think she had really ever held a baby, especially a baby brand-new, before we had ours."

Though clearly, instinct took over, as he now calls her a "professional."

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Check out Fergie, 39, in the video below explaining to Ellen how she came up with their son's unique name.