No One Has Ever Been Madder at Bath and Body Works Than This Woman


This is YouTuber Az4angela, aka Angela from Neenah, Wisconsin. According to her bio, she is “ADDICTED to CANDLES!” But this is not one of her usual candle reviews. Oh no, the only thing on fire today is a burning hatred for “JEN” from APPLETON.

The video starts with a smile. Then it goes from 0 to crazy REAL quick.

This is 11 minutes of Bath & Body Works-induced rage, detailing Angela’s quest throughout the entire tri-state area (Green Bay! Appleton! Fond Du Lac! AND the outlet in Oshkosh!) to find her Frosted Gingerbread and her Winter Candy Apple candles, and how she ultimately met her nemesis, “JEN” from APPLETON.

“I am a nice person. I really am,” Angela writes in the video’s description. “But this was so uncalled for I had to let you guys know what happened. I am seriously thinking about not going to Bath & Body Works for the rest of this season.”

As Az4angela herself says, “WARNING! Vulgar Language! Extreme Ranting! I am an ANGRY blonde!!!” (But really, the language isn’t that vulgar, and the ranting isn’t that extreme. So watch.)

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Thankfully for all of us, the video is from November of 2012 and happened to be recently resurfaced on Tumblr. So we don’t have to wonder what happened between Angela and “EN” from APPLETON:

That’s right, Angela got her Frosted Gingerbread and her Winter Candy Apple.

But the Internet isn’t as quick to forgive — or forget — “JEN” from APPLETON. Some are siding with “JEN” from APPLETON though, and have made her an Internet hero of sorts. Either way, you can expect to see at least one “JEN” from APPLETON Halloween costume this year.

It’s safe to say, no one will ever be as mad at Bath & Body Works as Angela.

And none for Peach Bellinis! Bye!