Nick Carter Lets It All Hang Out In a Blue Thong


Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is wearing a blue thong on national television, but why?

In VH1's fourth episode of I Heart Nick Carter, the 34-year-old boy bander admitted he has insecurities about being out of shape. Calling himself a "fatstreet boy," he goes to the doctor to talk about a non-invasive procedure to help him shed the extra pounds.

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The outfit he has to wear leaves little to the imagination but also shows off his body.

Do you think he needs a fat-zapping procedure or is this the best he's ever looked? You make the call.

Warning: This is probably as NSFW as Madonna's crotch shot

In the show's promo, Nick promised we'd see a "completely different Nick Carter." So far, it looks like he's fulfilled that tease!

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Nicki Minaj is another thong-wearing rap star, but she wasn't always that way. Flashback to the time when she wanted to be a nurse.