Selena Gomez Explains Cryptic Instagram Posts


We sat down with Rudderless star Selena Gomez to get the skinny on those cryptic Instagram posts supposedly referring to Justin Bieber.

The on-again, off-again couple have had their relationship struggles spill onto Twitter and Instagram, but Selena warned us not to read too deeply into all of her posts.

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"I don't think about it," Selena said. "Half the time I don't really pay attention to it. I might post something that means I'm super excited about something, but I could post a picture of a water bottle and people will think it's subliminal for something."

Case in point, on October 1, Selena posted "We have to learn the hard way sometimes" before unfollowing Bieber on Instagram, then four days later, Justin posted a picture of the two together along with the caption,
"We're young and we argue and fight like every other couple."

Watch the exclusive music video below to see Selena strip away the glam for an indie rock moment with musician Ben Kweller and actor/director William H. Macy. The song, "Hold On," is from Selena's upcoming movie, Rudderless, opens October 17.