Amanda Bynes Says She's Suing Tabloids And 'Getting Married' In Twitter Rant

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Amanda Bynes, who has been in the headlines frequently over the past few days, is now taking a public swipe at In Touch on her Twitter account, claiming that she plans on suing the publication for "lying about me entirely."

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The 28-year-old actress also tweeted Wednesday night, "I am not insane and they lied about me in every way." Followed by, "They continue to write lies about me and it really hurts my feelings because they are calling me insane and I'm actually really smart."

Bynes did not address which In Touch story she believes lied about her or called her "insane." However, InTouch did publish a story today which claims Bynes told one of their reporters that she "believes she has a microchip in her head."

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According to
the article, Bynes told the reporter, "I want a dollar a day from every person who [is] reading my mind."

Clearly, Bynes takes exception with insinuations that she's "insane," and tweeted, "I will sue any one in the media who lies about me and says I ever gave them an interview when I never gave literally any magazine a quote."

Later, Bynes added Star Magazine to the list of people she plans of suing, after claiming to have gotten "the best lawyer in New York city" to represent her.

On Tuesday, Bynes addressed the recent media coverage on Twitter, writing,"Don't believe anything the tabloids are saying about me. They dislike me for some odd reason & they continue to insult me every day."


Amanda's Wednesday night Twitter rant continued, as the actress revealed that she is going to be getting married to her boyfriend, allegedly a 19-year-old named Caleb. However, she claims she is going to give the exclusive to People Magazine, because even though they have also made up stories about her, "they will omit any error they've made."

On Tuesday, Bynes revealed that she was planning on transferring to NYU or Columbia University from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. Check out the video for more.

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