Danny DeVito Teams Up With One Direction For 'Steal My Girl' Music Video

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Danny DeVito is getting in the One Direction craze. He's literally putting his foot on set and joining the boy band in their newest music video, "Steal My Girl."

The boy band broke the news first on their Twitter account.

Niall Horan expressed his excitement about working with the 69-year old legend for their video.

NEWS: One Direction Announces Release of "Steal My Girl" 

Horan was not the only one star-struck though. The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and former Cheers actor shows off pictures of "Troll Foot" meeting the band.

DeVito told Forbes last year about his "Troll Foot" social media presence. He says, "I like my iPhone. I tweet. I put my foot out on Twitter every day…not every day. When I see a picture that I really want Troll Foot to be in, I put him out."

"Steal My Girl" will be available in the UK on Sunday. The song is the lead single of their upcoming album, Four. Four will be released on November 17.

One Direction would never break up. Find out why in the video below.

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