Paris Hilton Is Hanging Out With Her Sister, Khloe Kardashian and Gucci in Dubai


Paris Hilton
is in Dubai, and in case you're wondering what she's doing there, she's been chronicling it all on Instagram.

It's the first time for her sister so she makes sure to snap the two of them in their floor length dresses. Paris is not only posing for pics though. She says she's going to be a DJ at Cle Dubai.


So happy to be here with my sister for her first time in Dubai. Having the best time together! @CleDubai was incredible! The restaurant is beautiful & the food is phenomenal! Such a fun party tonight! Excited to DJ there tomorrow! ��

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Paris and Nicky met with a Kardashian reality sister, Khloe Kardashian, who also happens to be there.

The trio are just having a girls night in Dubai.

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Not without a cause though, the 33-year-old heiress is showing off her love for animals.

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She posted three separate photos with this monkey that she named Oliver.

Then there's Gucci, but it's not the brand she has with her. It's another monkey!

Her love for animals only continues in these three photos.


This was Barron when I met him last year. I named him after my brother @BarronHilton. He's so big now! Such a beautiful creature! ❤️

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It looks like her Dubai trip is too much fun!

Paris is known for some crazy parties. In the video below, actor Jeremy Jackson talks about a brawl at one.