Blue Ivy Is the Cutest Tourist


Just when you thought Beyonce and Jay Z's daughter Blue Ivy could not get any more adorable, she spends the day playing tourist at the Louvre with her parents.

Blue Ivy puts the "kid in a candy shop" reference to shame as the new one should now be  "kid in the Louvre."

Her mom and singer Beyonce shared these photos on yesterday.

The 2-year-old found this vent, and her red dress blew up with her.


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Blue Ivy took her dad's attention away from the amazing art, and Beyonce could not help but snap this moment.


Not only was Beyonce a photographer, but Blue Ivy herself got in on the action.


The little photographer's day was complete with a big hug.


Beyonce and Jay Z ended their On the Run Tour in at the Stade de France. Their performances were part on an HBO special, but little Blue Ivy stole the show too.

Isn't she just adorable?

Watch more on the power of Blue Ivy's mom in the video below.

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