Billy Eichner Hilariously Accuses Burger King of Stealing His Shtick


Billy versus Burger King! This comedian is taking on fast-food royalty.

Billy Eichner
is taking on fast-food royalty with the help of his famous friends.

The Funny Or Die star has beef with Burger King, claiming the chain ripped off his Billy On the Street sketches in their new commercial. The ad shows a man with a microphone asking people questions about BK food and then yelling at them following their response.

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In Eichner's bits, he too carries around a microphone, doing fast-paced interviews and yelling at his subjects.

While Burger King has yet to comment on the comedian's claims, Eichner can't seem to stop tweeting about the commercial. "Hey @BurgerKing-thanks for stealing my act for ur new commercial!!" he tweeted on Sunday, Oct. 12. "Except it's not as funny & everyone knows u stole it. GET YOUR OWN IDEAS."

He later added, "Oh and @BurgerKing, once you're done stealing my comedy please stop making people morbidly obese!!! Thanks so much!!!"

Eichner, 36, also urged his 238,000-plus Twitter followers to post their disdain for the BK spot, writing: "Tell them to stop stealing from #BillyOntheStreet."

His fans' overwhelming response to his messages against the fast-food chain led him to tweet: "As annoying as it is to have Burger King rip me off, your tweets are incredible. I have the BEST fans on the planet!!! See u at McDonald's!"

McDonald's, one of Burger King's biggest competitors, is also taking advantage of the viral spat to promote their own restaurant chain -- by declaring Team Eichner. They messaged the comedian on Monday -- even including Billy On the Street fan-favorite Elena in the tweet-- writing: "@billyeichner Can’t wait to see you! Oh, and bring Elena!"

Eichner also got the support of some of his famous comedy pals:

Seth Rogen:
"Yo @BurgerKing, stop stealing from the hilarious @billyeichner and stick to what you're good at: giving me diarrhea."

Judd Apatow:
"They already ripped off McDonald's- what do you expect? Thieves!"

Michael Ian Black:
"Hey @burgerking, you were stupid if you think hiring some random actor to rip off @billyeichner was going to work. I WAS AVAILABLE!!!"

Chris Kelly:
"@BurgerKing I once ate your food on a road trip and had to pull over to diarrhea by a field. Wasn't as bad as you ripping off @billyeichner."

Adam Shankman:
"Dear @burgerking, if @billyeichner stalked ppl in the street in a giant weird plastic head & royal robes selling his meat,YOU'd be SO PI**ED."

Hannah Simone:
"@billyeichner I gotchu. #shh @BurgerKing."

Whose side are you on: Billy or Burger King's?

Eichner did a special Billy on the Street with Seth Meyers at this year's Emmy Awards. Check out the show's most memorable moments, below: