Shia LaBeouf Hilariously Gives His Side of the 'Cabaret' Arrest Story


Shia LaBeouf blames it on the alcohol! Agreeing with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel who said the actor had "gone crazy," the Transformers star went into great detail about the events that led to him being arrested and escorted out of a Broadway show this past June.

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LaBeouf set the scene, recalling that he attended Cabaret after flying in from Ireland. "So I land in New York coming back from Ireland, where I'm visiting my girl. ...In Ireland you drink whiskey, so I'd been drinking a lot of whiskey," the 28-year-old explained.

The drinking continued with LaBeouf admitting, "It's the World Cup, so I'm sitting at a bar, and I'm drinking a lot of whiskey." He jokingly recalled that he was "drunk enough to really care" about the soccer game.

VIDEO: Inside Shia LaBeouf's Cabaret Arrest 

LaBeouf then launched into a story about sparking up a conversation with a homeless man who he then ended up chasing down the street after the man got spooked when a woman started taking pictures of the actor. On his way back to the bar to pay his bill, a dancer in Cabaret stopped the actor and asked him if he'd like to see the show.

Admitting that he was "looking to turn it up a bit," LaBeouf agreed to attend the Broadway production. "Now the drunk is really starting to kick in," he confessed. Upon entering the show, he told Kimmel that he asked two "beautiful," 50-something women if he could buy them a drink at the venue's bar. Upon returning to the bar, he started eating a random plate of fruit and "feeding strawberries" to another 50-something woman. He said when he returned with the drinks, the women "wanted nothing to do with him," so he also drank their double whiskeys.

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That's when things got a little rowdy. LaBeouf explained that when he saw the show's star Alan Cumming smoking on stage (though he admitted it could've been Alan Iverson at this point), he decided that he too could smoke his cigarettes. Then, catching a glimpse of Cumming in leather pants, the actor also decided that the Cabaret star was the "sexiest man" he'd ever seen and grabbed his butt because, he thought the actor "deserved it."

It wasn't long after this that the cops were waiting to take the actor into custody. "I'm gonna stay away from Broadway a bit," LaBeouf joked.

Prior to his hilarious appearance on JKL, LaBeouf recalled to Ellen DeGeneres that while in jail, he was put in a "Hannibal mask." Check out that interview, below:

In September, LaBeouf pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after his Cabaret outburst.
His publicist claimed the incident was a result of an alcohol problem and insisted that LaBeouf had since gotten help. It was agreed by the court that if the actor remained in treatment for three months and didn't cause any further trouble for six months, he would be able to withdraw his guilty plea and the case would be dismissed.