Chris Brown's Thoughts on Ebola: I Think It's a Form of Population Control

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Well nobody ever accused Chris Brown of being shy on social media, right?

The always candid Chris, 25, offered up his thoughts on the Ebola virus to his more than 13.7 million Twitter followers Monday, and it appears he just can't help himself when it comes to being controversial.

Warning, some of Chris's language may be offensive to readers.

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Chris's tweet comes after the first death of an Ebola patient in the U.S., Thomas Eric Duncan, and news that Nina Pham, a Dallas health care worker, caught the deadly virus after treating him.

Though after his Tweet unsurprisingly caused a bit of outrage, Chris was unapologetic, later tweeting, "I say what I want. If u don't like it.... "SUCK MY ASS" ( little Asian girl voice)."

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In September, Chris sat down with ET's Kevin Frazier to talk about his new album X, and chatted about his "own demons."

"You have to forgive yourself," he said. "You can't beat yourself up over the years, because it'll just eat at you and you'll be stuck in the past. And for me, I just learned to be a more humble individual and more of a conscious person."

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