Iggy Azalea Calls Snoop Dogg Two-Faced After Nasty Instagram


Move over Gwyneth and Martha, there's a new epic celebrity feud

Please step into the ring, Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg.

Snoop took the first punch when he mocked Iggy's recent makeup- free pic. However, instead of an image of the "Fancy" rapper, it was a meme of a man with cornrows in his hair.

Fast forward to Iggy calling him an "a**," Snoop calling her a "b**ch" and now, we have new tweets!

The 24-year-old Australian hip-hop star found her own unflattering picture of Snoop, 42, and captioned it: "When your drug addict aunt gets clean."


She didn't stop there. Iggy then deleted the tweet and explained why she thinks the rapper is two-faced.

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Early Wednesday morning, Snoop kept the feud going with this Instagram message (view photo HERE): "Iggy was a man So says Todd. Hahahahahahah goodnight b**ch !! Kangaroo yo pink punk a** bac to the land down unda!!"

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He also made a video aimed at Iggy (view HERE), where he portrays his alter ego Todd, with the caption: "Say fancy b**ch I wanna dedicate this song to ya !! So says Todd."

This set Iggy off on a Twitter tangent! "I could post a million more memes about Snoop Dogg making fun of the way he looks too, that's easy," she wrote."But the real joke here is the middle-aged man who's butt hurt I asked why he was pulling a Regina George move on social media."

The tweets continued with Iggy not only posting her views about the feud, but also re-tweeting the views of her fans and Twitter followers. "If I'm a b**ch for asking why you are supportive to my face but another way on your Instagram then so be it," she tweeted. "Post away about this 'b**ch' I've seen all the memes the word has to offer in regards to me I honestly don't care."

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After days of back and forth, the Aussie rapper finally tweeted: "Ima be the bigger man in this situation and leave it be."

We spoke too soon! Iggy later tweeted: "It's like the guy that asks for your number and then says you ugly and a b**ch when you say no…"

Whose side are you on, or can't we all just get along? Stand by your rapper in the comments and/or tweet #ETnow.