Chelsea Handler: Why I Like Being Naked On Camera


Former late-night host Chelsea Handler showed up on Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show to chat about their nude shower scene from theChelsea Lately finale -- and the comedian admitted she has no problem stripping down to her skivvies ...or even being fully nude!

In the shower scene, Handler appears gets naked while Ellen shows up fully clothed wearing a shower cap. In the silly sketch, the two discuss why Ellen has never been on Chelsea Lately ...until now.

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Handler recalled on Thursday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show how this sketch came about. "I texted Ellen. I said, 'I'd like you to do something with me in a shower naked for my last episode of my last show,'" Chelsea said. "And she said, 'okay maybe.' The agreement was you were gonna come up and you were gonna be nude. And I was gonna be nude.”

The 39-year-old comedian even went so far as to say Ellen, 56, signed a contract. "Oh, I'd love to see it," the daytime host bit back.

“You don't know what it feels like to be in a shower naked with someone you respect and admire and you have clothes on and I don't," Chelsea joked. "That was a very low point in my life."

“It was quite something to be standing there with someone that I also admire and like very much,” Ellen quipped back. “And you don't even care. You're just naked.”

While Ellen wasn't comfortable taking it all off, Chelsea doesn't mind it one bit. "I like to be naked because I don't take my body seriously," she said. "People do, and that's nice for them, but I think bodies are so silly."

Chelsea also joked that, in a business that is so vain, she also likes to flaunt the best thing she thinks she's got going for her physically: her breasts.

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"I like to take them out whenever I can, and be like, 'Hey look! Pretend this is my whole face!'" she said, laughing.

Check out the video for more from Chelsea, including why she often likes to secretly flash her chest when she takes pictures with her friends!

This episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs Thursday, October 16.

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