'Family Feud' Contestant Ruins Her Marriage With Best Answer Of All Time


On Family Feud, they surveyed 100 married women and asked them, "If you could change one part of your husband's body, what would it be?"

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Can you guess what the first contestant's immediate answer was? If you guessed anything other than "penis", welcome to the internet, you must be new here.

A sweet-looking, unassuming contestant named Joyce buzzed in immediately with that (frankly obvious) answer, only for the audience to erupt with laughter, giving Steve Harvey time to apply his patented "shocked-beyond-all-reason-and-measure face" which he uses whenever a contestant offends his very delicate sensibilities.

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We do feel kind of bad for her husband though, who bravely smiled and laughed, masking his presumable pain.

"You were thinking it!" a laughing Joyce told Steve Harvey.

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"I wasn't thinking a damn thing," said Harvey, who looked like Joyce just accused him of some sort of heinous crime. "I don't know your husband, but I think that's him with that [happy face] tie on. He's having a rough day."

Finally, they got around to seeing if "penis" was one of the top six answers, and inexplicably it wasn't, meaning Joyce's opposing team got first run at the category, and Joyce got to go stand back next to her husband.

Yeah, it seems like they were both having a rough day.

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